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Axieros was an ancient Thracian deity, demon of Greek mythology, one of the Kaveiria Gods.

In Thrace and on Samothrace she was worshiped as a Goddess of fertility, and was identified in the rest of Greece with the goddess Dimeter, and along with the rest of the Kaveiria she was considered patroness of sailors and those traveling by ship.

Axieros was the central figure in the worship of Kaveiri, and she was also called Great Mother,her features resembling those of Kyveli.Her husband was Kadmilos, god of fertility as well, identified with the God Hermes.

Guesthouse "Axieros" is an ideal place, suitable for an escape and relaxation in the pictures que settlement of Hora of Samothrace, combining nature with " culture".

The warm, friendly atmosphere and the high quality of our services are the guarantee of an unforgettable stay in our guests house.

The uniqueness of the guesthouse rests in traditional and luxurious architecture of the rooms, the meticulous decoration, the amenities, comfort and the cosy atmosphere.

Guesthouse "AXIEROS" promises a unique experience of stay through the history and tradition of the island.

A building with a special historical background for the island, dating back to 1912, a time of history during which the beautiful Turkish Chatitzeused to reside in.Folk tradition says that her beauty evoked and raised love affairs, intrigue, deaths and ultimately became the reason for which the last Turkish inhabitants of the island left.

The guesthouse was renovated two years ago, lies in the heart of the beautiful settkement of Chora and combines in a unique way the cosy atmosphere with the traditional style and aesthetics of the place.